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iConnect ITR230-0001

Scenarios that can be realized with limited flexibility with KNX devices have gained high flexibility with iConnect. Thanks to its internal power supply, it does not need an external supply. It provides maximum energy savings.

It is 100% programmable thanks to its easy-to-use visual interface with devices that can connect to the Internet.

It provides complete solution in projects by supporting multiple protocol communications required in the building automation industry.

EIO Comfort Box Web  ITR208-005

While the control of living spaces is carried out perfectly with Interra technologies, Interra also offers cost-effective solutions.

Interra EIO Comfort Box 

ITR-208-0005 8 input / 8 output 

ITR-212-0005 12 input / 12 output 

ITR-212-0003 12 input / 12 output, integrated 300W universal dimmer


The hotel GRMS solution, which has been designed with special and unique options, can be controlled inside the entire building or from anywhere you wish.


Digital I/O module can be used with EIO 8, EIO12, EIO12 + Dimmer output models. EIO comfort box module can operate in an IP network independently or with Interra touch panel and Interra Server software solutions.


Inputs/outputs are freely configurable depending on the project needs and support saving 10 different scenarios, and the virtual inputs on the IP network send the room status to the Interra Hotel server with a securely designed protocol.

Devices do not require a power supply requiring 220 Vac.

There is a special configuration software.

Binary Input

The input module is placed in the standard electrical box of the switch or socket.

And it helps to provide KNX controls over traditional switches.

However, it has the ability to convert the contact signal to any kind of KNX signal.