• Sky Residence

Sky Residence

Future residence SKY Residence is shaped by INTERRA technology

Skyland Istanbul is a very special project that offers superiority in every respect with its valuable location next to Seyrantepe Türk Telekom Stadium, its architecture consisting of three towers and the square that combines these towers, and its mixed structure consisting of residence, office and concept shopping malls.

Sky Residence, which is one of the most special residences that Istanbul has seen, has also signed as INTERRA.


• Flat automation panel modules of residence blocks

• Lighting on / off, dimmer

• Fancoil air conditioning

• Overvoltage protector

• In-house flood sensors

Block floor corridors and common areas, panel material and automation switches (on / off module, dali gateway and asset sensors) were used. Office Tower, common area panel materials and common area automation switches (on / off module, Dali gateway and asset sensors) are used. AVM - Lighting automation (presence sensors, panel modules, management offices automation switches) were used. Parking lots, lighting on / off, dim branch module, motion and presence sensors are used. In common areas, the boards are connected to each other with line couplers, and an IP router goes to IP and top integration through an IP router in 15 lines. Thus, it is possible to monitor and manage all blocks and common areas from a single center.